Feet Suite 1.0.61 Suite 1.0.61: Tools for the Fabricated Steel Construction Industry Absolutely the best and easiest to use tools for the steel construction industry. The feet and inches calculator accepts all commonly used types of feet and inches input. The simple interface makes it extremely easy to use. The toolbox inculdes a stair solver, triangle solver, circle solver, and a steel shapes viewer. The Resource Browser is a web browser with built in links to many valuable resources for the steel construction industry.

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MB Podomancy 1.10

feet and the personality characteristics they reveal. The toes of our feet can tell us more about ourselves and the problems that we may be about to face in life. Podomancy is a popular form of divination that is said to have originated in China. It is also known as Pedomancy or Solistry. It is said that a person’s feet represent his soul. The shape and lines of our feet can be interpreted to divulge more about our nature and helps us remove all

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Meter Converter 1

Meter Converter is a simple conversion tool. It makes it easy for anyone to discover the relation between meters and feet visually. For those who wish to have a handy conversion tool at their finger tips, Meter Converter is ideal. Meter Converter includes the ability to quickly and visually determine feet to meter and meter to feet conversion.

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Real Estate Price Calculator Lands plots area length unit converter software calculate properties flat price
Real Estate Price Calculator

Feet (pedes), Roman Miles(milia passuum), Scottish Miles, Shackles(12.5 Fathoms), Tsubo, Meters, Micrometers, Microns, Cubits(Common), Cubits(Greeks), Square Chains, Square Feets, Points, Poles, Pouces, Rods,), Thous, Unciac(Roman Inches), Yards, Square Furlongs, Square Inches, Square Perches, Square Poles, , Hectares, Fathoms, Feet, Feet(US Survey), Furlongs, Picas, Pieds de roi, Perches, Square Links, Square Rods, Square Yards, Cubits(Roman), Perches

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Easy Unit Converter 1.2: Convert temperature, length, area, volume, weight with this free unit converter
Easy Unit Converter 1.2

Easy Unit Converter converts most frequently used length, area, volume, temperature and weight measurement units with a single button click. This freeware tool includes about 50 most commonly used units. Kilometers, meters, miles, yards, feet, inches, acres, hectares, feet, barrels, gallons, liters, carats, ounces, pounds are just some of the units available. This tool is a must have on your desktop.

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Unit Converter Software Real estate unit converter price calculator convert flat plot house length area
Unit Converter Software

feet(US survey), irish miles, hands, links(engineer), roman feet(pedes), pieds de roi, thous, leagues(US), (US land), (US sea), nautical miles(international), (telegraph), (UK), (US), scottish miles, nanometers, furlongs, roman miles(milia passuum), unciac(roman inches), shackles(12.5 fathoms), (15 fathoms) and pouces. Application changes the unit of area to and from hectares, acres, pyong, square centimeters, millimeter, poles, meters, feets, inches

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Scientific Advantage Calculator 2.0: Unit Aware Calculator that lets you work with ft-in-fraction dimensional values
Scientific Advantage Calculator 2.0

Feet-Inches-Fractions (e.g., 24` 7-3/16") - User-selectable inch fraction denominator (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, or 1000) - Converts among and computes with over 200 different units (ft, m, lb, yd3, etc.), including both English/Imperial and SI/Metric units - Computes directly with dimensional values (e.g., 70 lb/ft3 x 5 yd3 = 9450 lb) KEYPADS AND ENTRY LOGIC - Algebraic and RPN entry modes (user selectable) - Allows entry of feet-inches-fractions

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